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We've returned from our trip to welcome a new month and today's lovely market at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. It's always a fairly big deal for me to pack things up for an event outside the studio, but today was worth it. Snow falling outside the beautiful glass atrium at the garden, a quiet taxi ride over the bridge amidst the flurries, and meeting new people (like StephenIrina and Kirsten, and many others), made it all worthwhile. Over the next few days I'll be catching up on orders made while I was away, and working on the forthcoming Spring Getaway Kits (yes, spring is nearly here!). Sincere gratitude to everyone who dropped by the shop this past week, I can't wait to have your little bit of plant magic on its way to you in the next few days!

We spent a few restful days on Sanibel Island with M.'s grandparents, as is our annual custom now, with his sister joining us from Michigan. It was also such a pleasure to take a day trip to see his mom's mom in Sarasota. Much of the travel we do at this stage in our lives is for the purpose of spending time with family members who live far away. M. and I are so fortunate to have many of our grandparents in good health, and we want to seize the day and spend as much time with them as we can. The time itself is such a gift.

Florida possesses so much natural beauty, but I feel that it has a dark side, too. Everyplace does, I suppose. I'm never quite sure how to describe this feeling, but I'm always drawn back to this song when I'm preparing to travel there. I'll let it speak for me, for now. We tried to spend more time walking on the beach during our trip this year. The weather was perfectly moody (my favorite kind of beach weather!), and there was never a lack of fascinating bits and pieces underfoot. We also stopped at our favorite little spot, The Sanibel Sprout, where Nikki crafts the most nourishing food on the island. If any of you do find yourselves on Sanibel, please be sure to stop by - and say hi from me!

I shared it on Instagram this past week, but in case you missed it, this poem was just the thing to read while spending time by the shore.


  1. i have fond memories of sanibel island.
    of course your slice of sanibel looks pearly& grey & lovely.
    and i adore patty griffin ♥



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