the orchid show + very good news


It was just perfect to spend the afternoon in the warm, damp gorgeousness of the orchid show at the New York Botanic Gardens this week. 

There were corners of quiet elegance and corridors of riotous exuberance, astonishing specimens both minuscule and voluptuous. As we headed for the door, I felt as if I needed a nap, in the best possible way. Seeing this is going to be my new end-of-winter ritual.

p.s. we found a studio space! more wondrous details to come, and a sneak peek here...


  1. insanely gorgeous!
    the building itself is a masterpiece ~ those windows!!
    reminds me of a part in barbara cooney's book, miss rumphius.

    1. Thanks, Catie! It is such a beautiful place, and very lovingly cared for. I love Miss Rumphius - that was one of my favorite books when I was little!



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