daylight hours


Due to an electrical problem, my days in the studio right now are dictated by the light. All the outlets along the wall that usually bring power to my lamps have gone out because of a short circuit, and while I wait for it to be fixed, I'd rather leave for the day before turning on the terrible fluorescent ceiling panel. 

It's actually been instructive, to be beholden to the daylight. My increasing inability to see what I'm doing as the evening wears on, even on these longest days of the year, is a sure sign that it's time to head out to meet friends for a glass of rosé, or to make my way home and settle into a late dinner and a bath. To be sure, I'll be happy to be able to flick on a lamp once everything is sorted out, but for now, I'm trying out this new rhythm, and seeing what it has to teach me.


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