hot chocolate at Masak


We're having a blizzard tonight. The city is exhausted after the week we've had, and all I know for sure is that we have hot chocolate at Masak, and that you should come in and have some. It's my secret recipe, but I will tell you this: palm sugar, candied ginger and condensed milk. Sshhh...

xo Briar


  1. oooh, that looks heavenly!! wishing i had a cup of that to soothe my pms infused nerves right now! thanks for posting, your blog makes me really happy.
    xo Mindy Sue

  2. Thanks Mindy Sue! Indeed, there are few ailments that a little bit of chocolate can't improve!

    Warmest wishes,


  3. I can hardly handle all the delicious things on your blog. I'm really craving hot chocolate now. And those ingredients make it sound even better. I'll be experimenting with those to see if I can create a hot chocolate that tastes as amazing as this one looks:)

    1. Thanks so much, Laura! It is, indeed, the perfect time of year for a mug of something warm and sweet! xo Briar



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