tasting notes: pu-erh at Masak


We had such a wonderful time today tasting five organic pu-erh teas, as the warm afternoon faded into a chilly evening. This is the kind of day pu-erh is made for.

Ancient Pu-erh Tuo Cha
This heirloom varietal from the Mannong Manmai region is aged in the traditional shape of a bird's nest (tuo), and features classic pu-erh notes of molasses and cocoa.

Sun-Ripened Pu-erh
A truly special single-origin tea of the large-leaf varietal Da'Ye Zhong, which is grown in the red mineral-rich soil of the Simao District. This tea is smooth and rich, with aromas of coffee and caramel.

Sheng Pu-Erh Tuo Cha, vintage 2005
A naturally aged, uncooked pu-erh from ancient tea trees in the Jingmai Mangjing region, this tea is made only with the most delicate buds of the tea plant. This tuo cha is best when infused multiple times to bring out its evolving flavors. Floral notes, as well as nuances of honey and red date are featured here.

Pu-erh Maiden, vintage 2006
A very unique, deeply fermented dark pu-erh named for the young ladies of Xishuangbanna's Dai ethnic group, who harvest the top two leaves and a bud to produce a highly sought-after grade of pu-erh. A rich, earthy, full-bodied tea, with a sweet finish and notes of espresso and buckwheat.

House-made Tibetan Butter Tea
Inspired by a favorite tea of the Himalayas, which is usually made with pu-erh, we've made this concoction our own. This creamy drink is sweetened with organic coconut sugar and thickened with cow's milk butter (Yak butter is traditionally used in Tibet). Rich and warming.

It was a delight to taste these teas alongside the first fruits of fall, including a wild mushroom and kabocha squash quih pie tee (a traditional Singaporean fried pastry shell), a roasted sweet potato soup and a warm salad of dark, leafy market greens. For dessert: fried banana with kaya and toasted coconut ice cream, and fresh pear with candied ginger to finish!

Next month we'll feature another five organic pu-erhs, paired with the farmer's market goodness of the deepening Autumn. Stay tuned for the date and details. We would so love for you to join us!


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