morning routines


Do you have a morning routine? 

Over the summer, I became rather entrenched in mine, and all for the better. I was looking for a few little things I could do in the morning to make stepping out of bed a little more tempting. Many of my rituals are inspired by the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, and are aimed at refreshing mind, body and spirit according to one's individual constitution. Whatever you like to do at the beginning of your day, having something lovely waiting for yourself is even more important now that the days are getting shorter, and mornings are a little duskier...

Here's my routine:
clockwise from top center:

//  swish with a little organic coconut oil, also called "oil pulling"

//  burn a stick of Juniper Ridge's Sweetgrass incense, which I love for its pure scent 

//  dissolve 1/4 teaspoon of organic triphala powder (an Ayurvedic tonic) in a little warm water

// brew up a cup of Pukka's Harmonise blend, though I adore their Cleanse & Love blends, too!

// briskly dry-brush the skin to get the circulation going, or in the fall and winter, do a little abhyanga self-massage with warm sesame oil

How do you start your mornings?

For more juicy Ayurvedic wisdom, take a peek at one of my favorite books...


  1. Love the blog and i read all the time, i love Ayurvedic practice and i use a few of them from time to time oil pulling, dry brushing all the things that you've listed above.



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