meet me in the garden


So much going on these days.

New sweets are needed for the spring menu - just waiting for the rosy stalks of rhubarb. New things are finally coming to the shop - slowly, slowly. The garden distracts me every day. You must think that all I do is take pictures of plants! It's nearly true!

Planning for the tea tasting and hoping tea snobs won't think blossoming teas are too frivolous...deviled quail eggs are actually far more frivolous, and we'll serve them anyway. And the camellia blossoms, the flowers of the tea plant, which are the original blossoming tea - I cannot wait to share all of these delights!

A few bits and pieces from the week are here. I've been trying to carve out a few spacious moments. I've been working on the new luxurious balms, more to come soon on that. A few hints: cardamom + sandalwood + vanilla, rose + chamomile (of course!), and jasmine + cacao.

The magnolias are blooming. That's all you really need to know.

And I've been listening to this, isn't it just the loveliest thing?


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