the new year


The paperwhites are finally blooming on the windowsill...

After a bustling holiday and a very snowy trip to the Pacific Northwest last week, I'm finally settling back into the studio to prepare for the coming year. The last few weeks of 2011 were so all-consuming at the restaurant that I am a little behind on a few things, including my new tea-packaging plan. More details will be forthcoming soon - I'm envisioning the new containers to be sleek, lovely and earth-friendly, and I am very excited about the possibility of including a refill program for regular customers that will offer more savings and reduce waste.

And sigh...after a great deal of consideration, I've made a few little price adjustments to accomodate both the newly raised price of USPS shipping and the ever-increasing botanical richness of my products. During the holidays, it seems I added just a touch more of this and a pinch more of that (particularly to my botanical fragrances), and I'm thrilled by the increased depth and complexity of the results. It's my hope that my customers' appreciation for well-crafted, handmade products will help them to understand the need for a few modest price adjustments.

If you are in New York City, look for more details soon to come about our upcoming tea tasting at Masak in honor of the Lunar New Year. The tasting will be held in the afternoon on Monday, February 6th, and will feature an eclectic array of Chinese Black teas, from classic Keemun to vintage pu-erh, with a sprinkling of the ever-elusive Yunnan "Golden Needle" buds...I couldn't be more thrilled for the opportunity to share such exquisite teas with you on a wintry afternoon!

A new fragrance for Spring is in its beginning stages, and will hopefully begin taking shape over the next few weeks. For a little preview, take a peek at the inspiration board for fragrance No. 3...

Many thanks for your continued support of my work, and I hope that each of you are enjoying a most auspicious beginning to your new year - the lunar year of the Water Dragon!


  1. I just wanted to let you know that I love Marble & Milkweed products. And, I think that your products are of such amazing quality (and really, they last such a long time), that a modest increase in price is not only acceptable, it's ok and inevitable. I will pay what is necessary to be able to use the products that work best for me. Thanks so much for creating such wonderful (and beautiful) things! (and, the cleansing grains cleanser is quite possibly the best thing EVER)

    (Also, thank you for referring to the upcoming celebration as the "Lunar New Year!" I wish that people would remember that it's not only the Chinese who celebrate it.)

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words, Yeojin! It really warms my heart to know that you appreciate my work - I hope that the West Coast (and cooking school!) are treating you very well! I've really been enjoying exploring all the different Lunar New Traditions - observing the phases of the moon, even here in New York City, is one of my favorite ways to mark the passing of time...

  3. Looking forward to the Lunar New Year and more Marble & Milkweed this year! Your products are amazing and so worth it! I love the cleansing grains too... I mixed them with honey instead of water this weekend and it was quite wonderful!

  4. Thanks Gillian - you are such a dear!



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